The Boot Hill Toe-Tappers

Toe-Tapping, Foot-Stomping, Fiddle-Sizzling, Bass-Slapping, Voice-Crooning, Guitar-Strumming, Harp-Blowing, Folk, Blues and Cajun Duo.

The Toe-Tappers on stage

What are the Toe-Tappers?

6-Piece Duo

Steve demonstrates his remarkable virtuosity, not to mention co-ordination, by playing the harmonica or singing, whilst simultaneously playing the guitar and tap-dancing. (Quite some feat / feet). Skilfully accompanied by Steve (the other Steve) who plays fiddle (in a variety of styles) or the broom! "The what?" yes - the broom. It's like a tea-chest bass without the tea chest, and can also be used for sweeping up at the end of the night.

A unique musical entertainment duo

An entertainment duo based in Nottingham England UK, they began performing in pubs, clubs and at parties back in the old days when they were but young lads discovering the joys of wine women and song.